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What is the difference between a Semi Mount and an Engagement Ring


J5096 Round Halo Engagement Ring E5055 Diamond Halo Semi Mount

The difference between a Semi Mount Ring and an Engagement Ring can seem a bit tricky, but the reality is that they are both the same except for one small difference: an Engagement Ring comes with a center Diamond, and a Semi Mount you can purchase without the center diamond.

Butterfly Diamond Semi Mount Engagement Ring Princess Cut Engagement Ring with Baguette accent diamonds

Why would anyone want to buy an engagement ring without a center Diamond? There are several reasons people choose to buy a semi mount ring. Some folks already have a Diamond and they are upgrading the setting for an anniversary or birthday present. Others are still shopping around for the perfect Diamond, but they love the semi mount engagement ring they already found.

Large Oval Semi Mount Ring for Color Stone Oval Halo Diamond Semi Mount Ring for Large Color Stone

There are also semi mount rings for color stones. A lot of people collect fine gemstones and precious stones, and they like to set them in exquisite mountings to show off their treasures. In this case the diamond semi mount is the perfect choice because they can be custom made to accommodate any size and shape center stone.

So there you have it, a Semi Mount is a ring that is finished except for the center stone. Whatever the reason, you can select from hundreds of diamond semi mount rings on our website, and we also offer a large selection of complete diamond engagement rings at a great value.

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