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Customer Testimonials


6.11.2015 - Becky U.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the great folks at DMNDS4YOU! I called them in a desperate state after a local jeweler had told us the ring we had ordered, three weeks prior, would not be ready before we left for our Hawaiian vacation that was three days away. In fact, they had not even started on the ring! We were beyond devastated. My, now fiancé, had planned to propose on this trip. 

I had found a picture of my setting on Pinterest and followed it to DMNDS4YOU web site. I figured, what did I have to loose calling and inquiring about it? This is when the best customer service experience of my life began!

Ben told me about this family owned business and immediately put me at ease. Not only did he have my setting but he went above and beyond by insuring the ring would be sized to my finger before shipping it so I had one less thing to worry about. He wanted to be sure the accent stones would be tightened and meet the quality standards of this company after sizing. Isela made sure it was shipped out the very same day with overnight service! She emailed me throughout the next day informing me of the package's whereabouts.

I literally had my setting 24 hours after placing my order! We had the diamond set the same day and were able to continue our engagement plans for Hawaii. My fiancé insisted I didn't see the ring until he gave it to me so the staff sent emails sharing my anticipation and excitement while waiting for the proposal. I couldn't wait to send them pictures of the day that they made happen! The engagement was perfect and I was shocked at the beauty of the ring! It was everything I expected and more.

Thank you all for making me feel like family and delivering me my dream ring!




Invisible Set Engagement Ring


6.5.2015 - Kent S.

Hello Isela,

I was overwhelmed with joy on presenting my wife of 25 years with “The Ring” that you and your company designed and perfectly manufactured for me!

I remember sadly as I searched many of my local jewelry stores here and could find no one that could fill the design that I had envisioned. I was told that it was “old school” and that I was out of touch with the “new” trends.  I knew exactly what I wanted and I was not going to compromise on the ring to represent my 25th anniversary.  I had never considered looking on line but had heard people talking about the success that they had so I started looking and calling different companies.

I found “DMNDS4YOU” and their site got my attention.  They had a huge selection with a lot of great reviews from other customers. I called and Isela answered and immediately we started a great relationship of understanding.  I told her what I was looking for and by the next day she sent me several styles to pick from and one was perfect with a few custom changes. I was amazed at how professional and detail oriented they were down to extreme measures to make sure the size would be perfect.  Nothing was left to chance.

This was a semi-mount ring and I would have to send them the center stone of my wife’s existing engagement ring which was originally her Grandmothers and carries a lot of sentimental value not to mention dollar value.  After all of my conversations with Isela and other members of the company I felt very confident in trusting them.  They needed to also color match the princess cuts in the ring to my center stone.

Needless to say I was excited when they shipped the ring three weeks after we began the process.  “The Ring” arrived and I could not believe my eyes.  I started to cry thinking it was going to represent our 25 years together.  It was perfect!  When I got down on my knees (again) in the restaurant, my hands shaking, and gave “the Ring” to her she screamed in happiness and surprise.  The perfect ring!

My highest praise goes out to Isela and all of those at DMNDS4YOU.  For the future, all of my jewelry business will be taken care of thru them as well.

Best wishes,

Kent S.

Houston, TX




5.21.2015 - Stefanie S.


I have really been enjoying my rings and I want to sincerely thank you for all of your help and patience, I'm very appreciative!





10.20.2014 - Ashley and LaFrance

I received my rings yesterday and OMG they are gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️. I loved it before and now that's been magnified  by 10. Same design but different. I absolutely love it. You all have done such a wonderful job. I will definitely be purchasing my husbands "real" band from you soon as well as recommending you. 

Thank you so so much!!





3.4.2014 - Dana B.

Dear Mr. K.,

My husband and I recently purchased a setting from your establishment. Needless to say, it is beautiful. After looking for months to find just the right one, we finally got exactly what we had hoped for. We so appreciate your willingness to work with us.

As well, we are extremely pleased with the customer service we received from Ben Sanchez. Not only is he professional and precise, he is patient to a fault. We cannot say enough about his character and his dedication to us, his customers. We were very impressed with his promptness and courtesy. Both of which are sorely lacking in the customer service world today.

It was our decision to choose your company above others, because of Ben's concern that we get what we wanted and his determination to follow through. How wonderful it would be if all companies had clones of Ben. It would make life much easier!

Thank-you again.


James and Dana B.




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